Jason Vandenberg Type is an independent type design studio based in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada. I create high quality original retail fonts for both print and digital use, as well as custom fonts and lettering tailored to client’s needs.

Retail Fonts

With a background in packaging and digital design I started drawing and developing original fonts in 2013. The focus has been to create high quality fonts that function just as well as they look. From detailed path construction to alternate character forms to specialized programming, each font is built with purpose. I hope you find them useful!

Custom Fonts

A custom font is a great tool to create and maintain a brand’s visual identity. I work closely with agencies and direct clients to understand requirements and develop solutions tailored to those needs. The end product can be a completely new proprietary design, a customized version of a retail font or a finessed logotype. Please contact me for more information.


2336 Natasha Circle
Oakville, Ontario Canada L6M 1N9